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Welcome to Ensign Group International!

We are your gateway for international sourcing and manufacturing

Ensign Group International (EGI) is a leading international procurement and project management company with offices in the United States and China. EGI specializes in product management solutions for high quality materials manufactured overseas. Our goal is to be a strategic partner to help customers successfully design, implement, and produce manufactured goods from start to finish. We are committed to developing quality products and professional relationships and to giving every customer the best international experience possible. Here’s how we operate:

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Why EGI:

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We can help you develop a strong design that adheres to manufacturing capabilities and specifications for China factories.

Our overseas staff visits multiple suppliers to provide you the lowest price, all while choosing a factory that maintains quality standards, a clean environment, good labor practices and proper staffing.

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About Us

With full-time EGI employees working in two established offices in China, EGI manages hundreds of projects each month and will help you take advantage of low overseas labor costs—without sacrificing the value or reliable supply of your product.